A Mother's Tribute
Garrett, Kelsey, Sage and their 5 Dogs

      created by Jen Halterman

This video contains photos of 
Kelsey and Garrett.
Compiled by Angie Millgate

Viewing and Reception for Kelsey and Garrett.
Music Let It Shine  by Mystic Sister used with permission
Compiled by Angie Millgate

Kel and Garrett chose the Sand Ceremony for their Wedding, which they were planning for
August of 2013.
We chose to honor their wishes by having their parents carry out the Ceremony before

their casket was closed.
Complied by Angie Millgate

January 19, 2014
Loved ones gathered on Antelope Island in Utah to release Wish Lanterns as a show of our love for Kel and Garrett and each other.
Compiled by Angie Millgate

January 5, 2013 Baby Shower
The conversation is about Kel's love/hate relationship with coins.
Kel had the flu so her voice is rough
but it sure is nice to hear it.

Recorded by Rebecca Bass

The Setting of their Headstone.
Compiled by Jen Halterman

  1. Together Forever
  2. Family Photo
  3. Kel's Belly
  4. Kel
  5. Kel and Garrett
  6. Garrett
  7. Garrett Leader of the Pack
  8. Engagement Photo
  9. Garrett
  10. Kel and the dogs
  11. Kel and Odin
  12. Garrett